Members of the 2016/17 Leadership Programme

One of the key roles of the Property Institute is promoting the careers of our younger members. We're aware of the need for our Institute to keep evolving with the needs of our new members, and for these reasons we've set up the Property Institute Young Leaders Programme.

The programme allows younger members of the Institute to join in the workings of several of the Institute's committees.

Sound like you?

As a part of the programme, you'll be cycled between several committees of your choice and have a chance to have input at all levels of Institute policy and decision making. You'll mark yourself out as a future leader of the Institute - and it looks great on your CV!

What's the selection process?

It's simple and straightforward: complete the application form with a personal statement about why you would like to join the scheme and how you might enhance the committees you'd like to work with.

Make sure you talk to your employer and get his/her agreement and support to the application so there are no surprises. Get them to endorse you with a supportive statement, and feel free to attach anything else you think would add value to your application.

Who is eligible?

The primary criterion is that you want to be part of the programme!

You must be able to demonstrate your desire to commit to the two year period and you have skills that the Institute needs to become sustainable. You need to want to be part of the Institute and at the cutting edge of change. You must believe you have something to offer and ideas that could be explored in the committee environment, and want to gain skills that will enhance your career.

There's no age limit on applications - if you think you're an upcoming leader of the Institute, we want to hear from you.

How long is the programme?

The programme is designed for two years to provide you with the opportunity to experience the key committees work and to enable any projects you are involved in to come to fruition.

If circumstances arise for any reason, you are able to exit the programme. We would however ask that you explore your intentions to continue after the initial interview and induction program. We have an expectation that you will have considered all your options during this time.

What support and funding will be available to me?

You will be under the guidance and mentoring of a member of each of the committees you work with.

Support for any projects will be provided by national office staff, depending on need. You will have organised your project team, and of course some of these will be committee members. You will also have direct access to the Education Manager for resource needs.

Any expenses incurred as a direct result of projects or your work in committee will be reimbursed. National office will pay for any flights or accommodation.

Will I be able to vote on committee issues?

Your input in to the meetings is based on ‘equal status’.

The core of this programme is breaking down barriers, and developing a balanced view and a new way of working to energise committees and empower younger members. You will be able to vote in all committees unless the rules state otherwise.

What do I get out of this?

The programme is designed to provide you with career development plan as a leader proficient in governance and management

Ideally you will gain a better understanding of the workings of committee in a governance structure, and be in a position to be a communication conduit for younger members wants and needs. You will be an influencer and be able to lead on projects. It will develop skills not necessarily prevalent in your current role: governance and management, public speaking, facilitating workshop sessions, mentoring/working with focus groups, understanding quality assurance, helping with evaluative and research work.

It will enhance your future in the profession; broaden your CV, opening doors locally and overseas. By taking the lead, you will develop confidence, be a more effective communicator, and develop greater empathy and understanding of the needs of others. You will also improve your networking business skills and indirectly build your reputation.