Quality Assurance Documents

Templates are available to logged-in members interested in gaining accreditation. They are designed to give a starting point for firms in developing a quality management system.

Real Property Valuation Quality Management Template.

Infrastructure, Plant and Machinery Quality Management Template.

Property Advisory Quality Management Template.

Accredited firms are entitled to use PIQA branding alongside their own marketing collateral when in accordance with the advertising guidelines.

Logged in members can also download the Terms of Participation agreement which accredited firms must adhere to.

What is Self Evaluation Activity

Self-evaluation activity is a tool for developing strong communication links between our accredited firms, stakeholders and the Institute.

Each year the PIQA Manager meets with stakeholders of each Professional Community and identifies areas for improvement in professional practice or areas of perceived or actual risk, which are then published on the Institute website as points of inquiry.

Self -evaluation is a simple exercise in making sure that any issues that pose a risk to the Professional Community are being addressed at a national level. All self-evaluation activity is documented by the accredited firm and submitted to the PIQA Manager who then generates a national report about self-evaluation activity, which is then made available to members.